Kia ora tatou. Welcome to the ninth annual Trees at the Meteor art festival!

Trees at the Meteor will run from the 15th to 20th of December 2016 in the Meteor Theatre on Victoria Street, Hamilton.  Fabulous for all the whanau! More details about this year's trees are on the way!

So what is it exactly? Trees at the Meteor is a unique experience of Christmas creativity with heaps of ‘Trees of Awesomeness’ on show!  The Meteor Theatre on Victoria Street is home to 60 plus NOT BORING trees that are feast to the eyes.  There is colour and beauty and smiles to be had galore! The creatives of Hamilton have been busy with the craft supplies!  It's a festive forest of what Christmas means to HAMILTON. You walk in, you look at stuff, you get to escape the stress and claws of Santa - and walk away after an hour and a half of the best entertainment on record.  Epic for anyone  - it's a whole family thing!

Trees is all about the festive spirit whilst at the same time giving something back to those in need - helping to make Christmas more about ‘Compassion’ than ‘Consumption’  - by proudly donating to the Men's Night Shelter and Women’s Refuge. Experience a Christmas night out like no other.

Right now we're recruiting artists so if you have an idea for a tree, have an obsession with all things Christmas or just want to be involved, let us know! Entry forms and categories will be up shortly.


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