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It's Starting to Feel Like Summer!

So it’s getting hot. Jandals are being purchased. High-schoolers are saying they are studying. Some are...some the jury is still out on. Nature is doing it’s beautiful thing all around and the flies are comin' for us. Grrrrrrr. Baches are being booked, and “what are you doing for Christmas?” is one of those repetitive questions we all have a repetitive answer for. Yep - Christmas is just around the corner alright !! And so is Trees at the Meteor.

If you're looking at this web page...maybe to enter a tree as an exhibitor...or enter the door as a looker, either way, you've come to the right place. Ka pai ! We need both. The fabulous trees need a lot of people to enjoy their art and statements about the world around us. This site is where you can enter online the tree you’re about to invent from the inventory of imagination !! Kia kaha ! Go well ! It’ll be amazing. And the experience of making and remaking it is where all the joy lies. 

So what is it exactly? Trees at the Meteor is exhibitionism on a grand scale of  'Christmas trees'. But not your average lame ones.  There's no snow but we bring the SHOW !  The Meteor Theatre on Victoria Street is home to 60 plus NOT BORING trees that are a feast to the eyes. It's the wearable arts of the Christmas tree circuit.  Pine tingling treats in every space ready to dazzle you.  Every year the creatives of Hamilton get their glitter and glue guns on and make something special for the city to meander through.  It's a super festive forest of what Christmas means to HAMILTON.  And it's unique to our fair city !   You walk in, you check out of consumer hell (phew),  you look at stuff, you relax, you chill,  you get to escape the stress and claws of Santa... and walk away after an hour and a half of the best entertainment this side of the river.   Epic for anyone  - it's a whole family thing!

Trees is all about the festive spirit whilst at the same time giving something back to those in need - helping to make Christmas more about ‘Compassion’ than ‘Consumption’   Over the years we have given over 25k to the Men's Night Shelter and Women’s Refuge, but this year the Meteor Theatre needs our help.  The lifeblood of Trees has been the theatre itself and and we want to give back to help with the essential earthquake upgrade the theatre needs !!

This is where you’ll come back to to find out all the info you need to know about the show !!! Once we know, it’ll get posted - and don’t forget to suss out updates on Facebook. Go like us now :) 


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