NEW to Trees 2016 - St Peter's Cathedral Projections

This year you can go next level to the St Peters Cathedral that sits on the hill behind the Meteor theatre. That's right...double banger south end Victoria street !!  Hit Trees at the Meteor and walk up the street a bit and experience projections on all surfaces of the cathedral.  Like nothing you will have seen in the 'Tron before.

Inspired by White Night in Melbourne, Wintec Visual Arts tutor Luke McConnell will produce a loop of images that will celebrate the Christmas in PG fashion for all.  In the process of 'digital mapping' , physical features of the 100 year old Cathedral will come to life in formidable festive fashion.... It'll be worth a look to see what will please the soul and senses !

It's FREE for all..... 

Cathedral Projections

In resonating history, the cathedral hill is called Pukerangiora.  It was a well known Maori landmark named after the native flora called Rangiora that grew on its summit. The name originates stems from rangi meaning sky; ora meaning life; puke meaning hill; thus the full name Pukerangiora can mean literally the hill of the life giving heaven.  

Thanks to St Peter's Cathedral for sharing their space with the city, and ACLX Lighting for technical support and enthusiasm.  Mean as!!

From dark until 11pm Sunday 18th, Monday 19th and Tuesday 20th ONLY. 

'Tis the Season of Awkward...

The Awkward Family Photo Booth never gets tired.  Christmas selfies with ya homeboys or housemates/family that you cant quite escape !  That's right, a photo of your awkwardness is all yours (complimentary of course) ... and straight to Facebook.   Get the 'likes' that will spike when you share how out of the box (or in it ) you can get yourself.  The usual concoction of ridiculousness awaits you.

Photo is of some Hamiltonians putting the Christmas ham into Hamilton.    Nice. 


Classic Tree-Shirts 2016

There is a brand new brew of shirts a comin' with 3 new designs to hit the Meteor. You can see them here very soon. Then what happens is you bring a T-shirt to the Meteor.. and while your viewing trees, the elves out back will do the magic that is manual labour.  It's very sweatshop... but our elves love it.  At Trees we practice the art of giving.  It's good for the soul.

Q.   You mean you'll screen shirts for free ???  

A.  Yep.. that's how we roll.

These are the classics from 2014/15:

Tree-Shirts 2015

Chai is back for Trees 2016

Chai tea is back at Trees 2016 thanks to Ministry of Chai. If you love chai, you don't want to miss trying this deliciously spicy mix.

A simple cup of Masala Chai, originating from India has a long history seeped in culture and stories. In a world that is technologically connected but rationally dry, a warm and spicy cup of Chai can unite people, start a converstaion and cross social and political borders. The nature and culture of Chai is enjoyed by everyone!

Ministry of Chai - Connecting people, creating stories and cultivating communities one cup at a time. To learn more, check out their Facebook page here.