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Here's where it all happens. Enter your tree below. Please make sure you have read the entry information.

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Do not include business, school or group names in your description. We reserve the right to edit all descriptions before publishing them in our programmes.
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eg: My tree needs to hang, I have something electrical. (All electrical items will need to be tested and tagged on arrival at the Meteor)
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Entry Fee: $20.00 non-students/ $15.00 students. *
Please pay through ON-LINE banking service with the following details - Name : Incedo incorporated | Bank: BNZ 02-0200-0173053-07 | Reference: (your name)

Conditions of Entry

 Categories Trees must comply with the category brief (see categories page for further details)

  1. All entrants will create a great vibe in the south end of town for the people by the people! Prizes will be as listed on the prizes page. (to be announced soon)

  2. Overall winner of the exhibition will be decided by a judging panel consisting of several judges.  Catergory winners will be judged by an individual judge. Winners will be announced, and prizes awarded, at the exhibition shindig for artists on Friday 14th December at the Meteor theatre at 6.00pm. All entrants will receive 2 complimentary tickets to this event. ‘Peoples Choice' will be judged by the people, for the people - and awarded at closure of exhibition.

  3. Entry is open to all individuals and any Group, Club, School, Community House, Church, Business etc. The tree entry is not to be a means to promote or advertise any business or agency. Brochures or leaflets are not be used in tandem with a tree entry.

  4. The entry fee is $20.00 non-students/ $15 students per entry. This is non- refundable. Entry is conditional on receipt of fee.

  5. All exhibition entries will likely be exhibited at the Meteor, from Thursday 13th December to Tuesday 18th of December. However, the judges and Trees at the Meteor reserve the right to refuse any entry from exhibition.

  6. All entrants will be required to decorate tree and install fairy lights on Sunday 9th December at the Meteor theater between 11pm and 2pm ( specific times negotiated prior). You may bring a team of no more than 4 people to install/decorate your tree. Check in at desk in theatre, Victoria st roller door entrance, for ‘welcome pack‘ and install info.

  7. Strings of fairy lights will be given complimentary to each entrant on Sunday 9th December or by arrangement earlier and must be installed. The fairy lights remain the property of Trees@Meteor. Artist's own lights welcome provided: No battery packs, lights must plug in, No flashing or strobe lights, Anything electrical must be tested & tagged by us on arrival at the theatre, anything deemed unsafe will not be plugged in. Please make sure our technicians have easy access to all plugs.

  8. There is no reasonable restriction on size of tree except minitrees.  Trees need to be freestanding unless prior arrangements are made to hang a tree, no wall mounted trees.  Transportation and safe assembly on Sunday 9th December is the responsibility of the entrant.

  9. Tree PICK UP: ALL pick ups of your Tree entry must be made on Wednesday 19th December between 10am and 4pm. Please help us out by being on time to collect. (Pick up times outside of this need to be negotiated PRIOR to Wednesday) Thanks.

  10. The judge's decision will be final. There will be no discussion/correspondence entered into the decision.

  11. The organizers reserve the right to reproduce the exhibited works for advertising and marketing purposes of any form. There will be no entitlement to royalties or other payment for reproduction.

  12. All reasonable care will be taken at all times in managing entries. Trees at the Meteor shall not be responsible for loss of or damage to any works, no matter what the cause. By submitting artwork to this exhibition, each artist shall be deemed to have agreed to this condition.

  13. All entries are to be transacted on the official entry form and payment process as outlined above. Designers may enter as many trees as wished as long as a separate fee and online transaction is made for each entry.

  14. An Artist's Statement (of not more than 40 words) must accompany all entries. The statement will outline the motivation behind the design.

  15. Deadline for all entry applications, complete with entry fee, is Friday December 7th, 2018.