Categories 2017

TREES 2017: Catergories are back!

Trees is back and it's bigger than ever! With the return of some old favourites, Gadgetree, Recycled, Kiwiana, Avant Garde, and Minitree, there is a category to suit any and all trees (with the exception of trees that are on fire...we still can't accept those.)

So clear some space, grab your glitter, put on the Christmas music and get your creative on for Trees at the Meteor 2017.


Please note: this year we won't be supplying green trees.

Category 2017 -  Gadget Tree.jpg

GADGETREE trees for geeks

Trees that move, trees that do something, interactive fun.  People love to play and playing is most definitely allowed (safety first of course!!) A chance to put your DIY to some DIFun.  Audience participation encouraged.  Any materials may be used as long as non-toxic and not super messy.



RECYCLED reduce, reuse, recycle.  

Transforming waste into something aesthetic.  Upcycle, recycle, repurpose, planet friendly Christmas trees. Do your bit for the earth, make your tree from things you already have, things that have seen better days, things you find lying around (just ask first).  Trees in this category must have at least 80% recycled materials.

Category 2017 - Recycled.jpg
Category 2017 - Kiwiana.jpg

KIWIANA christmas in the summertime.  

Sand, sun, surf, slip, slop, slap and wrap.  Give it heaps and rattle your dags, make a hunky dory, sweet as, ka pai Christmas tree. Take us on a tiki tour of what Christmas in Aotearoa means to you. 



Category 2017 - Avant Garde.jpg

AVANT GARDE anything goes (almost).  

A tree that grows in the left field  - exhibiting innovation, novelty and originality, the wearable arts for trees. Let your creative ideas flow.  Dream up some of the wildest and funkiest Christmas trees around.  Anything goes provided trees are not a safety hazard.



MINITREE Just above board.  

Haere mai bonsai ! Less is more ! A smallgasbord of tiny teeny incy wincy waif like little beauties!  These lowdown hyper-intricate trees of miniatureness to be constructed no taller than 200mm high.  With any materials that materialise. The minitree is back and just as teeny-tiny as ever. Time to equip your magnifying glasses and start crafting these miniature favourites. 

Please note changes this year:

  • No battery pack lights are to be used on trees.  
  • Ideally trees should be freestanding.  The Meteor has flash new acoustic panels on the walls so nothing can wall mounted.  If you need to hang your tree let us know on the entry form, you must supply sturdy ropes to hang the tree from and they need to be strong enough the hold your tree securely.
  • The loading bay area has changed, and we can no longer drive through on setup day.  We will let you know closer to the day how dropoff will work.