TREES 2018

Trees is back and it's bigger than ever!  With the return of the Trees of Awesomeness category, the floor is open to any and all trees (with the exception of trees that are on fire...we still can't accept those.)  Anything goes!  The minitree is back and just as teeny-tiny as ever. Time to equip your magnifying glasses and start crafting these miniature favourites.  And for the first time, compassiontree makes it's debut as a category.  

So clear some space, grab your glitter, put on the Christmas music and get your creative on for Trees at the Meteor 2018.


Trees of Awesomness.jpg

Trees of Awesomeness Just make it awesome!  

Make your tree or decorations out of anything and call it what you will. Just make it AWESOME! Audience participation encouraged. Any materials may be used as long as they are safe for the Trees audience and not super messy. 


Compassiontree  Trees with a social conscience.  

The compassiontree is passionate and practical.  It stands alongside the suffering ones, believing them and supporting them. Show your heart and helping hands, Hamilton!  Trees in this category encourage us to view things from another's perspective. Keep it positive and family friendly.


MINITREE Just above board.  

Haere mai bonsai ! Less is more ! A smallgasbord of tiny teeny incy wincy waif like little beauties!  These lowdown hyper-intricate trees of miniatureness to be constructed no taller than 200mm high.  With any materials that materialise. The minitree is back and just as teeny-tiny as ever. Time to equip your magnifying glasses and start crafting these miniature favourites. 

Entry information:

  • Ideally trees should be freestanding. The Meteor has flash new acoustic panels on the walls so nothing can wall mounted. If you need to hang your tree let us know on the entry form, you must supply sturdy ropes to hang the tree from and they need to be strong enough the hold your tree securely.

  • There is no reasonable restriction on size of tree except minitrees.

  • Entry is open to all individuals and any Group, Club, School, Community House, Church, Business etc. however entry is not to be a means to promote or advertise any business, group or agency. Brochures or leaflets are not be used in tandem with a tree entry.

  • If your tree includes give-away items please discuss this with us first and remember we have over 5000 guests through during the exhibit.

  • Check and peer review that your piece is safe for the public. Think about small children: What are the potential issues (if any) of your work. Trees management reserve the right to refuse entry if they deem an entry unsafe. If in doubt, please ask.

  • Please note: we no longer supply green trees.


  • Strings of fairy lights will be supplied complimentary to each entrant on pack-in day or by arrangement earlier and must be installed. The fairy lights remain the property of Trees@Meteor. Artist's own lights welcome provided:

  • No battery packs, lights must plug in.

  • No flashing or strobe lights.

  • Anything electrical must be tested & tagged by us on arrival at the theatre, anything deemed unsafe will not be plugged in. Please make sure our technicians have easy access to all plugs.